Psykick is developing into a SAAS (software as a subscription) business model when we release the Mobile App where users can enjoy a premium version of the software via monthly payment.

Welcome to a preview of the User Interface for the Psykick mobile app.

It features an extremely simple UX to ensure all ages can enjoy it.

Home Screen                                                         User Screen


To answer a question, click the respond.

Scroll to preview your entire conversation ever logged with Psykick!


Export your dialogue to save as a timestamped journal or diary. 

Based on the philosophic teachings of Socrates, our inquisitive algorithm proposes unique questions to explore and expand your mind using conventional chatbot technology, LLM's and open Ai to process responses.

You can interact with the very first stages of our Psykick genie here on desktop which will soon progress into this mobile app.



Psykick has a Super Power!  This is not your typical AI bot.

Psykick will have a native token, $PSYK, a meme coin you will be able to earn rewards and gifts in just by using Psykick!