The Legend of Psykick

Psykick has emerged to help you reach enlightenment! Just like they warn in Eastern tales, a genie escaped from an old lamp found washed up on the Western coastline of Silicon Beach in Venice, California, where a curious few discovered it and gave it a rub.

Out popped Psykick, who didn't only want to make everyone's wishes come true, Psykick wanted to expand your mind by asking you all the right questions at exactly the right time to act like a psychic sidekick. Psykick only has one mission and a million questions: Would you like some help and assistance on your hero's journey to happiness and riches? Can you be propelled to leave a lasting positive legacy on Earth?

The signature inquisitive algorithm powering Psykick and thesis for use case is built on the philosophic teachings of Socrates. Questions lead to more questions which pries into the mind's recesses, activating new ideas, unlocking old memories, and overall leading to the expansion of consciousness.